Artistical Story (V)





"Entonces cuida de ser la mejor, mas la mejor, pintora de flores del mundo! "



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 Portugal  The Porto`s Mayor, dr. Paulo Vallada invited the painter Helena to give a painting for dignifying an important house that the chamber was restoring "A Casa do Roseiral".

 At 5th December, Helena presents the book about her twenty years of painting.


   In a painting, Helena does a silhouette of an woman wearing the traditional dress of Viana (a city of the North of Portugal), where the artist`s grandmother Helena was from. Perhaps the artist was trying to get her protection in a very difficult period of her life.  

 The President of Associação Comercial do Porto , sr. Ruy Lacerda, invited the artist (six years after ) for doing another exhibition at "Palácio da Bolsa" however in yhis time in the famous "Pátio das Nações".


 Helena takes part in an world-wide exhibition in Madrid "La Spagna d`Or ".

Fernando Fernán-Gómez of "Arte Guia" - an old appreciator of Helena`s Art- was at that exhibition invited the painter for doing an exhibition in Madrid.


 Helena does an individual Exhibition at the "Miguel Angel" Gallery, invited by the Magazine "Arte Guia" .

However before, her great friend Arq. Lobato, had to find her paintings that had been deviated at the Airport. However Helena woud be rewarded from these "complications" : The Spain`s Queen accepted an work offered by the Artist.

June, El Ferrol, A painting of Helena Amaral Mangerico S. João, appears in the cover of the Magazine Arte Galicia


The erudit critic, Prof. Rafael Berliner (Barcelona), who had taken knowledge of the flowers painter, got a Gallery for her expose in Barcelona .


An old Helena`s friend D. Emílio Oliveiras Tornes, advised the artist to get a "manager" in Barcelona.The portuguese contracted then, Isabel Ignacio, who was an woman very reputed inside the Barcelona`s high society.

Helena lives a time of great felicity and in an act of great inspiration does a masterpiece "Las Ramblas de Barcelona".

 Helena has a great triumph in Barcelona.



  Maître Rafael Revuelto (Galerie Art-Vie, Paris) had the idea of transpose to the world of Art, the world cup final of football.

So, he invited Helena to forme the portuguese team (of eleven artists) .

Helena did the painting "The peace came down to the grassies" . It was a ball inside a net in a field full of flowers. She had done the first of a great series of figurative paintings.

 After 6 medals (5 Gold and 1 Silver ), Helena received the International Cup of A.I.L . (Académie International de Lutèce)    
       Helena goes to Paris to the "Assemblée National " to offer an her book to the President of that institution (Monsieur Chaban-Delmas).      
 Monaco    The "Mimosas Feast" is represented at the artistical calendar of "International Arts Guide/1988"        

 Naples: Helena Amarl is reported in the Magazine Azione Europea, of Accademia d`Europa



Helena got the prize "Oscar della Pace" at the 4th Artistical Grand Prix of the "Accademia Internazionale Artístico-Litteraria, "Città di Boretto". Parma

The painting was "Caminhos de Fátima".

 Invited to take part at the Art Historical Archives of the Venice`s biennial.      Invited by the Lisbon`s chamber (dr. Vítor Gonçalves), Helena takes part ( jointly with the Prof. David Mourão Ferreira and others) at Lisboa`s week, in Rome.  
 Switzerland  Helena does an individual exhibition at the Gallery Metropolis, of Geneva.    Is quoted (by the first time) at the book of the association "who`s who in International Art"      

 Helena takes part by the last (5th) time at the Festival of Osaka" in his 12th edition.






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