Palácio da Bolsa

(Pátio das Nações)

(14th and 15th of April 1989)



       In 1989, Helena received a very uncommon honor; she was invited to expose at Pátio das Nações of Palácio da Bolsa, which is a place normally used for receiving Chiefs of State and by no means used for painting exhibitions. Beyond Helena only the famous portuguese master Henrique Medina had gotten such honor of exposing on that place.




           Welcome to the richest Porto`s hall of visits










Helena talks with the legendary football player Fernando Gomes (F.C. Porto) who is a an appreciator of Helena`s works. In the photo is also present the president of S.L. Benfica (João Santos).

Other figure that was present at his event was Gen. Ramalho Eanes the former president of Republic of Portugal. After he became a great appreciator of Helena`s Art.