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    Critic very favorable of Prof.ª Ponce Leão in the Porto Newspaper A Arte entre as Letras .



      Jornal de Notícias   Porto,   article about Helena Amaral


Museu de Espinho, Portugal, 14 /05- 03/07/2011

Salon from the Porto Art Newspaper "A Arte entre as Letras"




Helena Amaral is reported in the magazine






      Helena Amaral gets on the virtual Gallery            Galeria de Arte DaVinci   .



October 2010

Helena Amaral receives lot of public and positive critits in Artelista reaching the 10.000

visitors in November





Are created some important favorable blogs in the web


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Little Red Flowers

The Arts in Toledo

Battles In Trans-Mississippi Theater Of American Civil War  



  Premio d' honor

"ShowArt Internacional d´Estiu a Catalunya" , Barcelona - España

13 al 24 Julio 2010, Tastet d'Art.

Helena Amaral is star in   Salón de Inverno 2011 , Barcelona , Espanha

18 al 30 de Enero de 2011, Galeria Esart

C/Diputació, 188 (Muntaner) - Barcelona - España  

Salón de Inverno, Barcelona



January , February

Helena is reported in the Barcelona Magazine Gal Art

May, Helena takes part in a collective in El Ferrol











Art Shopping Louvre Paris, Salon Carrousel from 21 till 23 October 2011


Art Shopping Louvre Paris, Salon Carrousel from 21 till 23 October 2011 (images)


 Participation in the collective exhibition Giverny 12 - 17 May, 2012



Art Shopping Louvre Paris, Salon Carrousel from 19 - 21 October 2012




Helena Amaral is on the Italian Magazine AVANGUARDE ARTISTCHE 2010

26/09/2010, Firenze

Helena wins the 1st Prize in the Gallery Centro Storico



10/11/2010 - Helena Amaral ganhou o 1º Prémio no secondo Salone dell'Arte e del Restauro di Firenze   de 11/11/2010 a 12/11/2010



Helena is on the Italian Art Magazine





   Helena Amaral   is Nominated Ambasciatore dell' Arte del Mediterraneo by the Templar Knights of the Great Howl Order.


Palermo: A special recommendation in the

magazine BOÉ



Helena Amaral takes part in a great exhibition in Sauze April-May.


 Rivista EXPOART (Palermo)


Ivrea (Italia),  5-10 /07/2011

Gallery Espaço Aberto 107, in Ivrea for exhibition “the colors of life ” from 5 till 10 July

Torino (Italia),  28 /06 - 12 /07/2011 "Artisti al Castello"

Progetto espositivo internazionale d'arte Moderna e Contemporanea


Vinovo (TO), durante os  "150 E oltre (and beyond) ", devoted to the 150th birthday of Italia unification


Participation in the October number of the Magazine EXPOART



Helena receives a very farourable critic of Galleria d' Arte Centro Storico Firenze


ARTEPADOVA22a Mostra Mercato d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
11 - 14 NOVEMBRE 2011


Helena Amaral takes part in ARTEPADOVA



Participation in the number November/December of the Magazine EXPOART

 Orvieto 26 -29 july 2012 Orvieto 26 -29 july 2012


"Luci e Colori" Hotel Domus Florentiae , Firenze, 23/12/2012   - 10/01/2013


 Fantastic participation in Manchester , UK 16/07/2011

 Participation in London 2012 , 17 july- 23 july 2012 -o GALLERY THE BRICK LANE GALLERY ANNEXE SCALTER STREET

 The Netherlands    

Participation in collective exhibition in New York, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery April 6 - May 1, 2012  (with photos)