Helena Amaral Second exhibition

at New York

Monterrat Gallery




    The exhibition   that the painter Helena Amaral did in New York was an incredible sucess. Having been settled for take place from 15th July to Second August, the exhibition was prolonged till October. For that sucess contribuited very much its anounce in the ArtNews


The ArtNews sheet where the exhibition



        The Consul of Portugal in New York, dr. Nuno Maria Silva Lorena


                 The exhibition of Helena Amaral in New York,had in fact a strong presence portuguese, in photo two famous ecomomists     dr. José Fortunato  and dra. Mafalda Carvalho  at the exhibition.


       In its first edition, September/October 1998, about one year after the Helena Amaral`s exhibition at New York, the Magazine  Gallery&Studio  devoted to her the following words.