Delivery of the canvas "Barcelona 92" to the Olympic Museum Lausanne

 (20th January 1993 )



     The journey of the delivery of the painting to the Olympic Museum was indubitably a great mark in the Helena`s career.

 The painting represented a field of white Gladioli, having an inscription Barcelona 92, written with the spanishes colours red and yellow, colours that did a bright contrast to the painting. That canvas was so appreciated by the International Olympic Committee (I.O.C.), that beyond having been considered as the unique that could represent that Edition of Olympic Games (Barcelona 92), the President of (I.O.C.) himself (D. Juan Antonio Samaranch), make-point of receiving that work from the artist`s hands.

      So it was prepared a great ceremony charged of Olympic formalism in which the artist would deliver the painting to the Olympic Museum. That ceremony included a flag run up, having the artist cried after seeing the portuguese flag going up jointly to the Olympic flag.



D. Antonio Samaranch takes the olympic flag that was covering the canvas.

D. Antonio Samaranch and Helena shake their hands. "You were one of the few portugueses who had won an olympical title at these Olympic Games!"