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   LA    JOIE    DE    VIVRE





   LA    JOIE    DE    VIVRE

Paris , France

   Art Shopping Paris, Salon Carroussel du Louvre

    Amaral Cardoso Helena

( Peintre) - Editions    Octobre 2011, Automne 2012, Automne 2013, Automne 2014

"Parler de Helena Amaral signifie une route goudronnée depuis longtemps des réussites et des récompenses qu'elle a reçu partout dans le monde dans sa longue carrière.

Helena Amaral jeune fait ses débuts dans le monde artistique forçant bientôt sa peinture dans le contexte national et international.

Son art est soft, doux comme sa façon d'exprimer des émotions à travers les fleurs. Fleurs qui sont expression de la joie de vivre qui imprègne cette artiste unique et inimitable, qui est devenue ambassadeur de l'art et la culture dans le monde entier."

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Émile Bernard, Petit Portrait de Van Gogh 1891

" Van Gogh is more personal than any other. Passionate by the Japanese, Indian, Chinese for everything that sings , ri and vibrates discovers in these artists, the innate and extraordinary passions of your drawing and the amazing techniques of their harmonies, as well as in the depths of his being, is the delusional nightmares, with which oppresses without truce. "



7, Magical Number in Japan






























4, Magical Number in China





























































































































Auvers, Giverny ... Roseiral
































Le Carroussel du Louvre , Paris





















































Vintage (early works)








In this missive to his younger brother, art dealer Theo van Gogh, dated July 23, 1890, the artist writes, "Thanks for your kind letter and for the 50-franc note it contained.

I'd really like to write to you about many things, but I sense the pointlessness of it."

Six days later, the artist committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest.


Johanna Gesina Bonger , Theo 's wife, started her Diary   - which she had not written during her short, happy marriage - in 1891 with the words "Tout n'est que rêve!" (Everything is but a dream!)



Helena Machado, Helena Amaral Grandmother




Andreas Bonger - brother in law of Theo van Gogh - and an important figure in the creation of VAN GOGH MYTH





Helene Kroller Muller


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