Exhibition at Ateneu

(inauguration at 4/11/65)

With the coins of her father-in-law, Helena got save the enough for rent an hall, at the prestigiated "Ateneu Comercial do Porto", for doing her first exhibition.

The Helena`s works are exposed at the Ateneu. Four years of madness are on their hands.


    Helena did great formal innovations. The prices didn`t appear with the paintings. Also the vases that had a presence almost obligatory with the flowers began being eliminated: "the flowers must be at their natural condition!" Stated Helena. After Helena would eliminate also the frames.


    Helena holds the "Vase with Gladioli". She is obviously nervous; if the exhibition fails she will have little chance to recover.



     The public affluence was enormous! The people were always coming, the exhibition was a success.


    The Belas Artes`s famous Director, Arq. Carlos Ramos, that came from Lisboa to see the Helena`s exhibition. He amazed too much the Helena`s work.