The Gladioli War





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28th May:It was decided that in 2001, Porto will share the title of European Capital of Culture with Rotterdam.

Having Rotterdam a VAN GOGH` s Gladioli is generated a Gladioli War




27th June, in full World Cup Final of Soccer, France 1998, Helena Amaral appears in a Sport Newspaper , O Norte Desportivo , reporting her dids




In 13th July Helena Amaral appears in the TV show Praça de Alegria. Being interviewed by Manuel Luis Goucha and Sónia Araújo.





Helena asked to do a painting in memory of the Porto wine, does the masterpiece "Eternal vine - Porto"









 On 27th December Helena finishes PORTO/ROTTERDAM 2001

 May 2000 , Helena is received by the Porto`s Mayor Eng. Nuno Cardoso, a little bit before the artist`s exhibition in Barcelona  During 2001, Helena Amaral was totally ignored in Porto, by the authorities that were ahead in "Porto 2001" European Capital of Culture.


Helena Amaral receives in her studio a delegation of "Amigos do Porto". One of these visitors recognize GRAÇAS A DEUS more than twenty years after has seen it in Ateneu in 1979.


In her city Porto, Helena Amaral presents the book GLADIOLI IN STILL LIFE (HELENA AMARAL ... JUSQUE VINCENT VAN GOGH)

The book is written by Mário David Cardoso Fortunato and edited in Paris by SOCIÉTÉ DES ÉCRIVAINS .


The presentation ceremony took place at Ateneu Comercial do Porto and was followed by an exhibition of the painter.


Helena Amaral receive important attentions by the Instituto Camões




May, After the victory of Soccer team FC Porto, in Uefa Cup Final 3-2 against Celtic , Helena Amaral made El Patio Andaluz inspired in Seviilla that was the place where was that final

2nd March, Mário Fortunato

has the vision of the VAN GOGH' s STUDIO OF SOUTH




During the Soccer European Championat, organized in Portugal the Portuguese Flag invaded lot of places of Helena Amaral` s country.


Helena Amaral lives a fantastatic artistic moment painting a fantiastic series of works: South Studio



However in October Helena was operated to benign tumor at intestines. The operation was a success but the painter who was extremely weak suffered to much and took long time to recover.

In the end January, almost 4 months later, Helena retakes to paint.

March, Helena appears in the TV show of Hélio Loureiro , the famous cooker of Selection of Portuguese of Soccer



The Flag Passion backs to Portugal in the Spring-Summer

20 May, about 18.788 women form an woman Flag.



After with a good participation of Portuguese selection in World Cup Final Soccer in Germany, there was a great adhesion of flags.



11July, Helena appears in the hugely popular Magazine



17 July, Helena is quoted inthe newspapers JORNAL DA BAIRRADA and 1º DE JANEIRO



In October , Helena starts painting in Wood. the results are absolutely amazing.


This site of Helena Amaral is placed in the Web

 Enrique Pareja

places Helena` s

paintings in his page EXPRESIÓN ARTÍSTICA






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David Brooks speaks about Helena Amaral in his Van Gogh Information Gallery

Since 13th January:

Helena Amaral is listed in the famous WebSite painting network

This Site just in the first two months over of 100 visitors, reaching the first 1000 in June November

This site was receeived attentions of Art exchange


 Spain In memory of the Spanish Master Laxeiro, Helena makes "The eternal spring".  

 May (11th-12th) .

A Solo exhibition of Helena Amaral in Barcelona, Hotel Ritz


  On 24th April the PORTO/ROTTERDAM 2002 BRIGHTS IN BARCELONA, at the event"Perfil de Portugal" at Fomento del Trabajo - of Portugal promotion to very important figures of Spain.




El Ferrol

The PORTO/ROTTERDAM 2001 , is back cover of the magazine ARTGALICIA


October 2002:The Magazine of Barcelona, Gal-Art , n. 223, reported the book GLADIOLI IN STILL LIFE (HELENA AMARAL ... JUSQUE VINCENT VAN GOGH), with the classification of "splendid."



the book GLADIOLI IN STILL LIFE (HELENA AMARAL ... JUSQUE VINCENT VAN GOGH) is accepted at Marco (Museum of Contemporanean Art )


14 June, Helena is received triumphally in the Concert of the Tenor José Carreiras


The Gladioli Música triumphs at last

November, El Ferrol: A Gladioli gets the backover in the Magazine ARTE GALICIA



 Paris, November  (23-28).

Galerie Le Carré d`Or

Helena takes place with two paintings at the collective "Eloge du petit format dans l`Art d`Aujourd`hui" organized by "Who`s Who in International Art"


Paris, November  (20).

The French Publisher SOCIÉTÉ DES ÉCRIVAINS accetp to publish the Mári Fortunato ` s book ,"GLADIOLI IN STILL LIFE" , in which is established a link between the Art of Helena Amaral and Vincent Van Gogh.



the book GLADIOLI IN STILL LIFE (HELENA AMARAL ... JUSQUE VINCENT VAN GOGH) is presented at Salon do Livre de Paris

Paris: Helena Amaral took part the

event Journées Internationales de Peinture , by


organised by the 2nd time in Paris,

du 25 May au 21 June2004.


 Roma, April

Helena takes part in collective exhibition with the patronage of INSTITUTO SUPERIOR DE CULTURA


Ferrrara: Helena is quoted in the Annual Dictionary of CASA EDITRICE ALBA




Florence: Helena wins Trofeo Oscar de la Cultura, by the Centro Storico de Firenze


 The magazine "Who`s who in international Art" , releases a Print in Homage to Helena. The painting represented at this seal is "PORTO/ROTTERDAM 2001" .


30th April-4th May , Helena participates in the Europ`Art , the Art Fair of Genève

Lausanne: Helena presents a fantastic catalogue made by Who`s Who in International Art

Lausanne, December: Helena appears in the catalogue of WHO' S WHO IN INTERNATIONAL ART 2007



Helena Amaral receives a platin medal by the Académie Internationale des Arts Contemporains - Soignes


Helena Amaral wins La Grand Prix International de Wallonie Médaille d´ Honneur

 The Netherlands        





is accepted in the Library of Van Gogh Museum -Amsterdam


 Las Vegas:

November (3-6)

Helena takes part in art in the New Century



Conference Center Las VegasNV 89109


November (3- 25)

Helena takes part with two paintings in the




San Francisco, November (1-4 ).

Helena takes part in San Francisco Art Fair with two paintings at the at the Concourse Exhibition Center of San Francisco.



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