Artistical Story (IV)




           "Entonces cuida de ser la mejor, mas la mejor, pintora de flores del mundo! "


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Fantastic interview of Maria Alexandrina in thhe Magazine "Ela-Donas de Casa" ,

     Helena does her first exhibition in Portugal after the revolution,it was in"Ateneu Comercial do Porto" ... again.    

 Porto, Solo exhibition of Helena Amaral in Palácio da Bolsa, the richest Place of Porto

 Spain  At an exhibition in Caja Ahorros (Vigo), this entity offers one million of pesetas by the "Mimosas Feast" and "White Gladioli", having the artist refused.      The painting "Cammelias" was selected to open a film documentary about "Rias Bajas", a region of Galicia.  Helena takes place in an exhibition in the Museum of Pontevedra (Galicia)

February  (13th till 22nd) ,Helena makes one more solo exhibition at Caja d`Ahorros


 Paris, Helena Amaral is a star in the number special September , in a Revue Moderne

 Helena is elected member Stagiaire de les Maîtres de notre temps.  Helena is invited to do an individual exhibition in Biarritz (Galerie Valombreuse)  Helena takes again part in the Salon d`Hiver by the fifth time. However at this time the  director of the "Salon" , André Delage, breaks with her, when the independent portuguese refused to be represented by him.  Gold medal in the contest of "Académie Internationale les Maîtres de Notre Temps". -Paris    
     Gold Medal with with palm and star, in Lyon          
   Marceau Constantin reprehends Helena after her informal speech about her fourth gold medal at l`A.I.L.  At the ceremony of the receiving her fifth gold medal at A.I.L. (Paris), Helena knows the Japanese artist Akiko who invited her to take part in an exhibition in the second edition of the festival Osaka (Japan)        
 Italy            Helena arrives to Italy .Trofeo "Guglieno Ara"- Nápoles  Helena won in Naples , in "Gran Premio Mediterrânico", the "Trofeo città d` Atene" with a painting of Sunflowers.
 Switzerland            Fourth Grand-Prix International Helien  
 Belgium  Helena receives a cruise d`or from the Académie Hispano-Belge (Brussels)            
 England      Helena is quoted in the book "Portuguese 20th century artists".        
 Japan        Helena is represented at the second festival of Osaka

 Helena took place at the third festival of Osaka and receives an honorific mention .

That festival had a presence of a Dali, Decaris and Di Maccio.



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