Artistical Story


"Helena, há dentro de si um artista por desabrochar!"



1961 1963 1965
An young woman, Helena Amaral Cardoso, ingresses at "Soares dos Reis" school design, Porto Helena ingresses at "Belas Artes", Porto, as an extraordinary student The rebel Helena who had not any interest about modern Art, left "Belas Artes",at the third year.
Helena assumes the artistic name HELENA , to show her independence and perhaps to protest against the shortage of support that she felt.

Mestre Isolino Vaz obliged Helena to follow a classical Art.

"You was the best pupil that I ever had! " He said.

The professor of sculpture Mestre Charters de Almeida, becomes disappointed, when the pupil, Helena Amaral, chose to follow the Art of painting.

Helena only paints flowers.

The prof. of Painting Mestre Júlio Resende complains:

"Here is this lady once again with her flowers!"

"Keep knowing Master, it will be with my flowers that I will be celebrated one day!" She replied.


 Helena in a moment of inspiration does "the clow" .



Porto, Portugal




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